Unleash The Power Of Cold Sales Emails

Unleash The Power Of Cold Sales Emails

Ways to make your cold sales email interesting and ensuring they deliver!

Every time you think of using the method of cold calling, there's a sense of uncertainty about the results. Try cold emailing instead! This method can be extremely effective, especially in the case of outbound sales. Be creative, patient, and most importantly, persistent in your cold emailing, so that your customer sits up and notices you in his mailbox. One fear, however, of using this is that it can also become a nuisance to some, and to avoid this, here are some of the ways to make your cold sales emails more interesting, and therefore, more effective:

1) Create Personalized Emails

With numerous sales emails reaching your customer, how can you be different and break the clutter to get noticed? The mantra is to do your homework properly and write personalized emails that ignite the curiosity of your reader.

2) Create An Intriguing Email

The subject and the beginning of the email should be such so as to generate curiosity of the end reader. In case of emailing companies, ask for referral of the right person straight away in the first few lines, and eventually you will taste success and get your right person's referral.

Once you get the name or the contact number of the person, just give them a call and ask for a meeting. Chances are that you may also land up with the wrong person's number. However, prepare your sales pitch to prove your credibility to the person who can possibly give you the referral you are looking for.

3) The shorter, The Better

Remember, in case of cold emails, you will only get a few seconds of your reader. So, keep your mails short, precise and value adding. No one wants to read long and vague mails.

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4) Prepare A Focused Call-To-Action

Your call-to-action strategy must be such that you are able to elicit a response from your reader. It's best not to beat about the bush, but come directly to the point.

5) Easy-To-Answer Mails

Draft your email in such a manner that it is easy for customers to answer them. Context setting is best left to the later stages of discussion. As for the mail, you could use pointed questions, for which the reply can just be a simple 'yes' or 'no', which will provide you with your future course of action.

6) Follow Up Rigorously

Once you know that your reader is your potential customer, it is worthwhile to create a rigorous follow up mechanism that compels your reader to answer the mail.

Cold sales emails are a simple but an effective tool for a business, if used well. Take care of the finer nuances of drafting these mails and you will have a winner at hand. Remember, first impression is the last impression!